BF4 Client

1. First create an account on ZLOEmu (email and password from this site will be needed for authorization in the game).
1.1 Download and install DirectX
1.2 Download and install NET Framework 4.5.2
1.3 Download and install Visual C++ 2013
1.4 Install the latest drivers for your video card.
1.5 Install the latest drivers for your sound card.
1.6 Download and install ZClient instruction how to install ZClient
1.7 Download and install ZLOrigin instruction how to install ZLOrigin.
2. Disable antivirus and firewall! And add to the exceptions of the antivirus - the folder with the game, ZClient and ZLOrigin.
2.1 Enter user data (mail + password) from the site in ZClient and wait for successful authorization. Only after that, run ZLOrigin.
2.2.1 Find Battlefield 4 in the games directory ZLOrigin. Download the game and all the add-ons that are available for download in the tabs "EXPANSIONS" and "ADD-ONS & BONUSES".
2.2.2. Download Battlefield 4 through the torrent or with Google Drive
2.3 Update PunkBuster. HERE you can download the updating utility.
2.4 Install PunkBuster using THIS utility.
2.5 Choose and download in the game folder any Launcher you prefer.
2.6 launch a game or the launcher, choose the server you like and connect to it.