1. Download and install Visual C++ 2013
2. Download and еxtract from archive ZLOrigin in any folder.
3. Run setup ZLOrigin.exe
4. Install ZLOrigin in any place, different from the official Origin folder.
5. Done
1. You need to have ZClient installed. ZClient Installation Guide
2. Run ZClient / Wait for successful authorization.
3. On the bottom left of ZClient press "Run Zlorigin".
- If it's the first time, choose the location where Zlorigin is installed and select Origin.exe.
4. Done!
Launch program is not possible

You must install / reinstall Visual C ++ 2013.

Error -196613:0/-196610:0
1. Use VPN for Windows.
2. Use torrents, there are several games available.

Error 327683:0
Put this file ZInstaller.bat into a game folder and run.

Downloading Failure/Download Error/Network error
1. Pause the downloading, then immediately resume.
2. Use VPN for Windows.
3. Use torrents. Make sure it's up to date.

YOUR DOWNLOAD HAS BEEN PAUSED. Origin needs to download files and is waiting for permission.

Download Failed. Oops... Windows blocked our attempt to download game content.
Clean the cache DelOriginCache_.bat

An unexpected error occurred, an application failed.
Origin has encountered a serious problem and must be closed.
An unknown error occurred, restart the program and try again later.
While closing ZLOrigin the error message always appears.

Clean the cache DelOriginCache_.bat

All the games are disappeared from ZlOrigin or "white screen" appeared
1. Restart the application.
2. Clean the cache DelOriginCache_.bat

igoproxy64.exe - System Error.
From the ZlOrigin folder (C:\Program Files (x86)) delete 2 files igoproxy64.exe and igoproxy.exe.

You're Currently in Windows Compatibility Mode
Right click the ZlOrigin application and then go to "Compatibility". Select nothing in this tab, if you did, just remove them. Restart the computer.

Disconnected: critical update required.
Windows XP or Vista users: due to a security update, you need the newest version of the Origin client to continue.

On the bottom left of ZClient press "Run Zlorigin".

ZLOrigin opens in a tiny window
Something blocks the access to the website.

Instead of ZLOrigin, you receive official Origin asking to log in
1. On the bottom left of ZClient press "Run Zlorigin".
2. Clean the cache DelOriginCache_.bat.
3. Make sure that Zclient and Zlorigin are into AV/Defender exceptions.

ZLOrigin is not open, even though zclient is authed.
Pay attention what is written in ZClient. If you don't know what to do, please, write to the Forum or Discord