ZClient is main file of this emu, without it nothing will work.
0. Disable antivirus.
1. Download ZClient to any folder. If chrome - go to all downloads and force to download.
2. Run ZClient, click yes to install certificate, it will be only on first run.
3. ZClient can autoupdate itself.
4. If all ok - you will see "Auth success as.."
Question: ZClient is not authorized and in the window ZClient it is written "Connection failed" what i need to do?
Answer: Check the status of Monolith If off - then you need to wait!

Question: Monolith is on, and ZClient is not authorized and in the ZClient window it says "Connection failed" how to be?
Answer: You must enable ZClient in the Firewall / Anti-Virus for Internet access!

Question: My antivirus find in "ZClient" virus / trojan how to be?
Answer: This is a false positive result. Trust us or start writing your emulator.

Question: I have a problem with the update in Zclient how to be?
Answer: When you first run "ZClient" - check the status of Monolith it should work! And It is necessary to allow Internet access in the Firewall / Antivirus "ZClient"!

The next time you run "ZClient" - We check in the task manager so that the Origin process was not started !.
If necessary, we kill its processes through the task manager.
Restart Zclient and wait for the successful update.

Important nuance:
If you are running Zclient and Origin, and you click on Zclient (in the tray) with the right mouse button - it closes and closes Origin. But Origin still can hang in the Task Manager as a process. This will not give you the opportunity to restart Origin.