ZClient is main file of this emu, without it nothing will work.
0. Disable antivirus.
1. Download ZClient to any folder. If chrome - go to all downloads and force to download.
2. Run ZClient, click yes to install certificate, it will be only on first run.
3. ZClient can autoupdate itself.
4. If all ok - you will see "Auth success as.."
Question: ZClient is not authorized and in the window ZClient it is written "Connection failed" what i need to do?
Answer: Check the status of Monolith If off - then you need to wait!

Question: Monolith is on, and ZClient is not authorized and in the ZClient window it says "Connection failed" how to be?
Answer: You must enable ZClient in the Firewall / Anti-Virus for Internet access!

Question: My antivirus find in "ZClient" virus / trojan how to be?
Answer: This is a false positive result. Trust us or start writing your emulator.

Question: I have a problem with the update in Zclient how to be?
Answer: When you first run "ZClient" - check the status of Monolith it should work! And It is necessary to allow Internet access in the Firewall / Antivirus "ZClient"!

The next time you run "ZClient" - We check in the task manager so that the Origin process was not started !.
If necessary, we kill its processes through the task manager.
Restart Zclient and wait for the successful update.

Important nuance:
If you are running Zclient and Origin, and you click on Zclient (in the tray) with the right mouse button - it closes and closes Origin. But Origin still can hang in the Task Manager as a process. This will not give you the opportunity to restart Origin.
1. The file ZClient.exe must be named only like this!!

2. ZClient.exe MUST be in a separated empty folder!!!

:3. Before running ZClient & ZLOrigin turn off Antivirus and Firewall! Or add both programmes into exceptions.

4. Run everything as Admin.

5. Sertificate for ZClient is required.

6. Before installing ZLOrigin, you should extract it from the archive.

7. Run ZLOrigin right after successful authing in ZClient.

8. If you’re running both Zclient & ZLOrigin, and you right click Zclient (in tray) – it will be closed and it will also close ZLOrigin. But Origin.exe will still stay in Task Manager. That’s why it won’t let you to run ZLOrigin again.

9. Zclient works on OS Windows 7, 8, 8.1, 10.

10. Not every PCs can run games just from Zclient, if you can’t, you should do it through ZLOrigin.
Close Zclient.
Delete the following file from its folder ZData_Auth.zlo.
Run Zclient.
Check the status of Monolith
2.1 If it’s alright, try to change (if possible) your Internet provider (stationary/mobile); or Internet connection (cable/wifi);
2.2 If it’s alright, but you can’t change or it doesn’t help, try to reboot router and check, if there is the permission to Internet access for ZClient in Antivirus/Brandmauer!
2.3 You can also login on the website and, not closing the browser, try to connect again.
2.4 If it’s alright, but you can’t change or it doesn’t help, probably you have high ping or your provider blocks you. Try VPN for Windows.
Open a notepad. Put there your login (mail) & password. Copy, log in on the website, and then on Zclient.
Open a notepad. Put there your login (mail) & password. Copy, log in on the website, and then on Zclient.
This is a false positive result. Trust us or start writing your own emulator.
1. While running ZClient for the first time – check the status of Monolith, it must be on!
2. Also you need to permit Internet Access to ZClient in Antivirus or Brandmauer!
3. If it’s not the first time you’re running ZClient - check in task manager, whether the process Origin.exe shouldn’t be on! If required, kill this process there.
4. Restart Zclient and wait for it’s successful updating.
The process Origin.exe in task manager and restart Zclient. Also turn off the antivirus.
Right click on Zclient.exe and choose Fix compatibility issues
Probably your AV or Defender block or deleted your Zclient. Or you have viruses
1. Try to reboot your router;
2.You can also try to put Google servers DNS in your network connection settings. adresses - and
3. (! Except Battlefield ¾) Or successfully authorized in ZClient, start ZLOrigin, switch off the Internet and wait untill ZLOrigin switches into offline mode. Now you can play.
there is no solution yet! You can try p. 12.

! If ZClient disconnects while you're playing, DONOT try to reconnect. It will crash everything
1. Probably you have high network ping.
2. You can switch on the cable, change your provider (4G), or ask to send you updated files Zx32.dll & Zx64.dll
1. You can"t connect to Cloud to download games.

2. Use VPN for Windows (not free, but with trial)
3. Also there is Torrent