The Sims 4

1. First create an account on ZLOEmu (email and password from this website will be needed for authorization in the ZClient).
1.1 Download and install DirectX
1.2 Download and install NET Framework 4.5.2
1.3 Download and install Visual C++ 2013
1.4 Install the latest drivers for your video card.
1.5 Install the latest drivers for your sound card.
1.6 Download and install ZClient (Instructions for ZClient).
1.7 Launch ZClient, enter the user data (mail + password) from this website, and wait for successful authorization.
1.8 Choose the method for installing the game.

2. Download and install ZLOrigin (Instructions for ZLOrigin). Please, remember the path where you've installed ZLOrigin, this will be needed for the next step.
2.1 At the bottom left of ZClient press Run ZLOrigin. If this is the first launching: Choose the folder where you've installed Zlorigin. And select Origin.exe. ZLOrigin will open and auth automatically.
2.2 To choose a location you would like to install games, go to: Origin -> Application Settings -> Advanced.
2.3 Find The Sims 4 in the game catalog of ZLOrigin. And download the game and all the add-ons.

Attention to all the users of x32 system. You can only access The Sims 4 Legacy Edition, including all the dlcs up to the Realm of Magic game pack.

3 Download the torrent [ZLOTracker is closed, use ZLOrigin method]. 
3.1 In the game folder find and launch ZInstaller.bat. If there is none, download ZInstaller.bat and place it inside the game folder.

1. Make sure that Zclient is authed and working.
2. At the bottom of ZClient select the game and press "Run".
3. Enjoy the game.

1.1 Launch or update ZClient.
1.2 At the bottom left of ZClient press Run ZLOrigin.
1.3 If the update hasn't started automatically, find The Sims 4 and select «Update».

2. How to update The Sims 4 with torrent.

Issues with ZClient and ZLOrigin you can find in their sections

It stopped downloading games or add-ons in ZLOrigin
1. Pause the downloading, then immediately resume.
2. Clean the cache DelOriginCache.bat and restart ZLOrigin.
3. You can use the torrent. How to update The Sims 4 with torrent.

We are unable to connect to EA servers to activte the sims 4 limited edition on this computer using your account.
Clean the cache DelOriginCache.bat
Invalid license. Error code = Missing DLL [msvcp120.dll]
«Runtime Library Error»
You need to install all the required vcredist_x64 and vcredist_86 from the __Installer folder, which you can find in your game folder. (e.g. C:\Program Files (x86)\Origin Games\The Sims 4\_Installer).

How to update Microsoft Visual C++? Link

Origin is not running, make sure that it is running before attempting to play the Sims 4
Run the game from ZClient.

The game The Sims 4 Deluxe edition does not appear to be installed. Please re-install it or try relaunching the game.
Download this file ZInstaller.bat, place it into the game folder and run.

Too many computers have accessed this account's version of The Sims 4 recently. Please try again later.
Clean the cache DelOriginCache.bat

Start button is not active in ZLOrigin
1. Run the game from ZClient.
2. Check if there is TS4.exe in Task Manager, finish the process and try again.
3. ight Click on the game icon in ZlOrigin and fix the game files.
4. Clean the cache DelOriginCache_.bat
5. Reinstall the game with the help of ZInstaller.bat, place it into the game folder and run.
I can't see any DLCs in game, even though they are downloaded in ZLOrigin
1. In ZLOrigin right mouse click on the game icon and choose "Repair the game".
2. Download the file ZInstaller.bat, place it into the game folder and run.

How to change the language in The Sims 4?
1.1. In ZLOrigin find The Sims 4.
1.2. Next, select Game Properties.
1.3. And choose the language you'd like.
1.4. ZLOrigin will verify the game files, download what is required and install.

2. If you downloaded the game from the torrent.
2.1 In the game folder find Zinstaller.bat or (download it and place into the game folder).
2.2 Run it, select a language and wait until it's done.

How to delete or disable DLCs?

Method I.
1. Go to «My Games» in ZLOrigin, find The Sims 4 and right mouse click on the icon and choose "Uninstall".
2. After uninstallation, you can install DLCs you'd like.
3. Also disable automatic updates (ZLOrigin – Application Settings – General).

Method II.
Go to the game folder and delete the DLCs' folders you want.

Method III.
The Sims 4 Disable Packs