BF3 Client


Turn off Antivirus or Defender up to the end of the installation, cuz it gives false positive reaction on the client files of ZLOEmu and delete them!
It happens because Launcher and DLL libraries been archived. Trust us or start to write your own emulator.
To avoid problems with the game exactly and without exception follow the instruction below.

  1. Before the intallation:
    1.1 If there is your first time on ZLOEmu, so sign up here. You will need the login and password.
    1.1 Download and install DirectX.
    1.2 Download and install NET Framework 4.6.2.
    1.3 Download and install Visual C++ 2010 x86.
    1.4 Install the latest video driver.

  2. Installation:
    2.1 Download the game client from here as Administrator.

    While using another repacks THERE IS NO GUARANTY that it will work!
    Game path MUST consist of latin letters!

    2.2 Download and unzip in the game folder - the crack.
    2.3 Download, unzip and install as Admin Punkbuster.
    2.4 Download and install as Admin Punkbuster service.
    2.5 Download and install ZClient according this instruction.
    2.6 Choose and download in the game folder any Launcher you prefer.
    2.7 Put into Exceptions the folders of с the game and ZClient.

    This installation can be considered as completed. You can turn on Antivirus. But Windows Defender.

  3. Launching the game.
    3.1 Run ZClient as Admin.
    3.2 Run Launcher as Admin.
    3.3 Choose a server, you like and connect.
    3.4 In the pop-up window write your login and password from ZLOEmu.

  4. Play!)

Check again the instruction "How to start playing?" and make sure everything is correct.
ALSO in this FAQ there are plenty of problem solutions.
If you can’t resolve your issue, so go to Forum ZLOEmu.


While asking for help you must:

  1. Use Search bar on the forum. Probably you problem had already been solved.

  2. If there is none, create your topic in the right sub forum.

  3. In the title of the topic describe the problem as briefly as possible. Topics with titles like "Help!", "Help", "Nothing works" will be deleted without warning. The same applies to those that are open in the inappropriate forum thread.

  4. In the topic itself, describe exactly what you were doing to eliminate the problem, where you were looking for solutions etc. Also write the characteristics of your PC and the version of your OS.

  5. Be patient, during the day you will receive the answer. If not, so the solution is on the forum and you can’t search

Be patient and wait for the server to be up. The ZLOEmu team is already working on this.

You can check the status of the monolith here
Problem in your connection, pc, firewall, antivirus, provider, etc. or look at the instructions in the installation, make sure that you have followed all the steps correctly.
Make sure that you have installed Visual C 2010 x86 and DirectX and that Windows Defender is turned off / Try re apply the crack
Probably you are trying to join a server with DLC-maps in map rotation but you haven't installed all DLCs.
This is a false-positive because the launcher and dll is packed. Trust us or start coding your own
Either your DLCs are missing or you aren't using a clean (without any cracks) install.
Only use a clean Origin-install or our official download HERE and install.
This feature is not implemented yet. MAYBE it will be added in the future.
There are a few ways to do so. Check