BF4 Server

First you need to download all required files:

1. Download Server Files Try R63 first, if not work for you - try R60 and then R58.
2. Download Server Launcher
3. Register your server here
4. Run ZServer.exe
5. In ZServer add server exe and set params to this:
-zlogin ChangeMe -zpass ChangeMe -GamePort 25200 -RemoteAdminPort -Country EU -Region EU -serverInstancePath "ZEXEPATHZ/Instance" -PingSite ams -DisplayAsserts false
zlogin and zpass - from step 3.

Basic Settings / How to set up your own server?
In the folder, go to the server in the Scripts folder and edit Win32Game.cfg
-BFServer.GameSize 32 // specify the size of your server here
-Network.MaxClientCount 32 // same here
-MaxTickRate 144 // Maximum number of tickrate at your server
-Server.OutgoingHighFrequencyRconCap 144 // same here

In the server folder go to Instance/Admin.
Edit Startup.txt and replace all ChangeMe to something useful.
Also in the Admin folder:
BanList.txt - Players you ban in procon will be saved here
MapList.txt - Map rotation list
ReservedSlotsList.txt - List of nicknames to reserve slots in server

Use Procon Frostbite to configure your server.

Servers with any XP modifiers will be banned with owner.
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