BF4 Server

First you need to download all required files:

1. Download Server Files R60 for BF4
2. Download Server Launcher
3. Register your server here Username and password for arbitrary server.
4. You need to play under your client account (Need to activate it)
5. Edit the *.bat file with following content:


set SERVERNAME=BF4 THE BEST // Name of your server
set GAMEPORT=25200 // Port of your server
set REMOTEADMINPORT=localhost:47100 // your IP:Port for access to Rcon/Procon.
set ADMINPASSWORD= #### // Admin password to connect Procon
set PINGSITE=ams
set REGION=EU // country where the server is located
set ZLOGIN= #### // Login (cm. Point 0.2)
set ZPASS= #### // Password (cm. Point 0.2)

start bf4_Server_Final.exe -zlogin %ZLOGIN% -zpass %ZPASS% -serverInstancePath %INSTANCEDIRECTORY% -GamePort %GAMEPORT% -Country %COUNTRY% -RemoteAdminPort %REMOTEADMINPORT% +admin.password "%ADMINPASSWORD%" -PingSite %PINGSITE% -Region %REGION% +vars.serverName "%SERVERNAME%" -DisplayAsserts false

6. Run ZServer.exe
7. Start your server through StartServer.bat

Basic Settings / How to set up your own server?
In the folder, go to the server in the Scripts folder and edit Win32Game.cfg

following settings:
-super layout.toc
-Core.DisplayAsserts false
-Core.IgnoreAlways true
-Core.EnableJuice false
-CrashDump.WarnBeforeDoingMemoryDump false
-Game.CloseDuplicateApps 0
-ServerMetrics.Enabled 0
-ServerMetrics.TransactionTelemetryEnabled 0
-ServerMetrics.PerformanceTelemetryEnabled 0
-ServerMetrics.PerformanceProfileStateEnabled 0
-TransactionLog.OutputLevel 0
-ServerMetrics.DbxReportEnabled 0
-Online.QueueCapacityOverride 20
-Client.LoadingTimeOut 15
-Client.LoadedTimeOut 15
-Client.IngameTimeOut 15
-Server.IngameTimeOut 15
-Server.LoadingTimeOut 15
-Network.PacketLossLogInterval 10
-BFServer.DataSanityCheckEnabled true
-LiveServerProxy.Enabled true
-Server.IsReconfigurable false
-BFServer.TeamSwitchImbalanceLimit 4
-Game.DisablePreRound true
// Disable "the expectations of players" before the round

-Blaze.LogLevel 0
-Blaze.DisableCommanderRankEntryCriteria false\true
//Commander can be a player of lvl 10 on \ off

-MaxTickRate 144
// Maximum number of tickrate at your server

-Server.OutgoingHighFrequencyRconCap 144
// Maximum tickes on the server, you can toggle through the tools Rcon

In the server folder go to Instance \ Admin (if there are is no Instance create a new folder and name it Instance and in there Create a new foder called Admin)
In the Admin folder edit Startup.txt (or create a new Startup.txt file if there is none)

# -------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------
# File generated by Procon Frostbite. Replace the contents of your /cfg/AdminScripts/startup.txt
# on your game server with this file for your settings to remain persistent on game server restart.
# -------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------
# Comments begin with a # at the start of a line.
# Quotations are optional for single words, but are required if the parameter contains spaces:
# Correct: admin.password Hello
# Correct: admin.password "Hello"
# Incorrect: admin.password Hello World
# Correct: admin.password "Hello World""

# Preset mode GunMaster
vars.gunMasterWeaponsPreset "1"
# The password for the admin connection through Procon. (Enter between quotes)
admin.password "pass"
# Activation punkbuster (Necessarily included)
# Activation fairFight
# The name of your server (enter between quotes)
vars.serverName "TEST"
# Description of your server (enter between quotes)
vars.serverDescription ""
# Friendly Fire (true / false)
vars.friendlyFire true
# Timeout kicktime (seconds)
vars.idleTimeout 300

# Restrictions teamkill
vars.teamKillCountForKick 5
vars.teamKillValueForKick 0
vars.teamKillKickForBan 0
vars.teamKillValueIncrease 1
vars.teamKillValueDecreasePerSecond 0
# Autobalance teams (true/false)
vars.autoBalance true
# Killcam at server (true/false)
vars.killCam false
# Mini Map on the server (true/false)
vars.miniMap false
# 3D spot on the server (true/false)
vars.3dSpotting true
# The spot on the minimap (true/false)
vars.miniMapSpotting true
# 3rd person cam at vehicles (true/false)
vars.3pCam false
# The number of players on the server
vars.maxPlayers 64
# Respawn vehicles (true/false)
vars.vehicleSpawnAllowed true
# Delay respawn vehicles (%)
vars.vehicleSpawnDelay 100
# Damage from bullets
vars.bulletDamage 100
# Display names of selected players? (true/false)
vars.nameTag false
# Health regeneration (true/false)
vars.regenerateHealth false

# The minimum number of players to start the round. (Refers to the "Waiting for players")
vars.roundRestartPlayerCount -1
# Start the round with the number of players. (Refers to the "Waiting for players")
vars.roundStartPlayerCount 8

# Only squad leader spawn (true/false)
vars.onlySquadLeaderSpawn false
# Unlock weapons and gadgets in rank.
vars.unlockMode "stats"
# Player Health
vars.soldierHealth 100
# HUD Player (true/false)
vars.hud false
# Player respawn time (%)
vars.playerRespawnTime 100
# The number of tickets in the round (%)
vars.gameModeCounter 100
# Tickrate server
vars.OutHighFrequency 45
# Welcome on the server
vars.serverMessage "Welcome to our BF4 server"
# Aggressive entry to reserved slots
reservedSlotsList.aggressiveJoin false
# Round lockdown countdown (Refers to the "Waiting for players") (seconds)
vars.roundLockdownCountdown 15
# Warmup timeout (Refers to the "Waiting for players") (seconds)
vars.roundWarmupTimeout 600

# Maximum spectators
vars.maxSpectators 4
# Allow spectators (true/false)
vars.alwaysAllowSpectators true
# Hit Indicators (true/false)
vars.hitIndicatorsEnabled true
# Server type (RANKED / UNRANKED)
vars.serverType "RANKED"
// The main server type is OFFICIAL, Unranked and Private

# Commander mode (true/false)
vars.commander true
# Round time (%)
vars.roundTimeLimit 100
# Tickets bleedrate (%)
vars.ticketBleedRate 100
vars.teamFactionOverride 1 0
vars.teamFactionOverride 2 2
vars.teamFactionOverride 3 0
vars.teamFactionOverride 4 2
vars.preset "CUSTOM" true
///Custom server presets. So there are "Default" "NORMAL" and "Hardcore"

vars.idleBanRounds 0
vars.OutHighFrequency 45
// Tickrate in Hz your server will start

Also in the Admin folder, These files are required:
BanList.txt - Players you ban in procon will be saved here
MapList.txt -Map rotation list
ReservedSlotsList.txt -List of nicknames to reserve slots in server
Either your server is not registered under your client account or files are missing/killed by antivirus/Windows/Win Defender
Update server dll (and possible crack) / Make sure that the master server is running.
Add to exclusions ZServer.exe antivirus and run as administrator and check the status of the master server
You must be authorized in the DRM (go to play under that account and activate it) and servers with more than 2XP banned!
The server will be automatically locked with the account.
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